You Must Stretch If You Are Going To Do Any Activity

One of the often overlooked components of a fitness routine is stretching.

Many people get very caught up with their cardio and weight workouts, planning them down to the very last detail, and completely let this other crucial form of exercise slip by the wayside. In order for you to be getting a complete workout and want to make sure you are dedicating at least a few minutes to performing stretching exercises.

How About Breathing?

Breathing is also a very important component of upper body stretches, as it will allow you to increase the range of motion as well. Before moving into position, take a deep breath in. Then, on the exhaling portion, move into position, focusing on feeling the muscles relax as you do so.

When your concentration level is high, you will find that the stretches are much easier to do.

While holding the stretch, with each breath in and out you take, try and move slightly deeper into position. Really pay attention to your shoulders at this time as that seems to be the one area of the body in particular that individuals like to tense up.

Refresh, Relax, and Restore: Stretching, Pilates, Yoga Workout for Tight Muscles

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7 Stretches That Get You Ripped

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Hey guys, it’s Mike Chang and today I’m going to teach you how to stretch for explosive muscle growth. This is one stretching method that you can use after every workout to maximize muscle growth and make sure your muscles stay lean and ripped.

Video Breakdown

**Here’s how stretching will help build muscles.

0:27 (#1) Stretching helps you get a larger range of motion by creating greater flexibility. A larger range of motion will allow you to fully train the entire muscle and give you the muscular development you’re looking for.

1:22 (#2) Stretching keeps you safe. Being more flexible, your chances of injury is greatly reduced. Example: Minimized muscle tears, strains and pulled muscles.

**Stretches (Hold all stretches for 5 to 10 seconds)

2:26 Leg and back stretch. Sit down with your feet spread apart and stretch towards your left, right legs respectively.

3:48 Pigeon stretch: Have one leg in front and one leg back as you lean forward. Switch legs and complete the same stretch.

4:32 Forward fold: Place feet straight out and together. Lean forward and focus pushing your stomach to your thighs.

5:28 Butterfly stretch: Place feet together and pull it close to the body. Then slowly lean forward placing your head towards your toes.

6:36 Child’s pose: Lean towards the left, right and also lean towards the center for a complete back stretch.

7:08 Cobra pose: Place your self in push up position, and push up while keeping your lower body flat on the ground.

Alternate between the Child’s Pose and the Cobra.

**Upper Body stretches

7:56 Hands behind the head: Pull the elbow towards the other side of the body for full stretch. Complete for both sides.

8:31 One arm over the front: Try placing the arm higher near the neck then at the lower chest area. This will allow you to get a complete overall stretch for the lat and shoulder. Do with both arms for the complete stretch.

9:08 Lat stretch: Grab on to a stable desk and lean forward with head between your arms while in a bent over standing position.

10:54 Chest and bicep stretch: Stand up with palm flat on the wall beside you. Lean your body forward for a full stretch. Complete for both sides.

12:00 Hamstring Stretch: Place both hands above you palms on the wall. Have one foot forward and one foot back. Lean forward as you stretch the leg behind you.

12:49 Hip flexor lunge: Go into a crescent lunge, and please the leg behind you further back for a hip flexor stretch.

14:32 Spinal twist: Lay on your back in an arms and legs out X position. Lift one leg over the other while keeping the upper body flat on the ground. Repeat this with both legs.

16:01 Leg over head stretch: Lay on your back, and while keeping your legs together lift and try to stretch the legs behind the head.

I hope these stretches serve you well.

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Top 6 Stretching Exercises

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How Often Should You Stretch?

In terms of frequency of stretching, how often you choose to do it is really up to you, the more you can stretch the better your results will be. Some form of light stretching is always advisable after a weight lifting session as it will help to reduce the chances you suffer from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). It will also help your body to cool down after the workout and you will leave feeling more refreshed.

Don’t think that you have to be in the gym to get in a good stretching session either.

A very popular trick of the highly flexible ballet dancers or figure skaters is to stretch anytime they are watching TV.

Since it is very easy to perform these exercises on carpet in a small area, this should pose no problems. Plus, as long as you are stretching while watching TV, you know you won’t be eating! That is another great benefit for those of you out there who are trying to lose weight.

Some people also like to perform 10 minutes or so of stretching first thing in the morning to begin their day. This can have similar effects of that of a yoga session such as an increased calmness and a positive attitudeabout the day to come. Be sure if this is your choice however that you really pay attention to how far you are pushing your body as your muscles are now going to be most cold and tight immediately upon wakening.
If you can go outside (or alternatively if you have a treadmill at home jump on it) for 5 minutes to wake your muscles up first, that would be great. If that’s not an option, even just marching in place or walking up and down the stairs a few times can be sufficient.

Back stretches

Stretch exercise is better for relieve back pain than complete bed rest.

All movements of this Stretch Exercise focuses on the center of the body, the center being the point between the right and left side of the body and between the upper and lower half of the body.

An aged person can appear years younger with a lean and stronger core and a flexible spine he or she  achieves from these type of stretching and strengthening exercises.

Tips and Precautions Before You Start :-

  • Always wear comfortable clothes
  • Never force your body into difficult positions, it should be pain free.
  • The surface you exercise on should be flat and big enough to move freely.
  • You should realize that this is an exercise routine that you should follow regularly, it is not something you can do once a month and benefit from.
  • Pregnant women should only undertake exercise under guidance of a fully trained professional instructor because some of the exercises are contra-indicated for pregnant woman

Is it wise to stretch before exercising or not?

You should never ever stretch before doing weight training, as it will reduce the power of your lift and will cause loss in stability and this could lead to injury.

People who say dynamic stretching is good probably refer to activities-like baseball, etc., where you usually just warm-up by pitching a ball back & forth to the teammates or in sports-like, martial arts where stretching can prime the muscles in order to get them ready for use. . .

. . . if this is the case, stretching is good but definitely not before weight training.

One more question which might come to our minds would be that can we stretch between the sets or can we just sit and rest between stretches?

I would say no, as the idea of stretching between the sets is that you are cleaning your muscles out of the lactic acid when you do a stretch.

Stretching and the Gym

Imagine stretching of our biceps or chest to be similar like “ringing out a towel” that is soaked with some water. Therefore, if you do this, it presents same problem as written above by me, i.e., reduced power and losses of stability. It depends on your program and this is not such a big deal, but there is always a better side.

If you talk about between the sets, do some mild aerobic activity. Define your path through your gym between your machines and then walk up and down at a fast pace. When you do this, it cleans out much more lactic acid and will bring in much more oxygenated blood to the specific muscle you are training.

So it is for sure that do not ever just lie or sit and do nothing.
This can be considered as the worst form of relaxation technique.

One more thing to add that some difference between all your exercising activities must be taken into account.

It will be much more stressful for yourself to move from a fully relaxing position to a suddenly running position, rather than moving from a very slow jog to running position. Akin to this, it is much more stressful on your body to move from running too fast to fully relaxing. Least but not last, I would say it is much better to move from a fast paced run to a very slow jog and now to a fully relaxing position.
Again, This is another reason as it is just not good to sit between sets or running or jogging and to do nothing between the sets.

Partner Assisted Stretching

Another way you can really improve your flexibility is by using partner assisted stretching. To do this, have a partner slowly push whatever body part you are stretching slightly beyond your normal range of motion (it is most common to do this exercise with a hamstring stretch – you laying on your back while your partner pushes your leg towards your head).

After this is done then you are to start contracting the muscle and press against your partner, trying to move back into the normal position. Keep holding this contraction for about 20-30 seconds and then relax. As you relax your partner once again begins pushing on the body part and it is very likely that you will now be able to move further than before, thus increasing your range of body motion.

This is a effective exercise technique for those who are serious about their flexibility but caution should again be taken that you don’t push too far. It is much better to error on the side of slightly less than to pull a muscle as pulled muscles can take a long time to recover from.

So next time you are about to walk out of the gym before stretching, think again. You would be doing yourself a great injustice by not including some stretching as part of your workout routine. Even just ten minutes at the very end will go a long way to helping increase your flexibility and keeping you limber later on in life.