100 Day Challenge 2 | Contortion Flexibility | Days 43-49

It’s one thing to have flexibility when you’re relaxed, it’s another thing to have flexibility when you are engaging your muscles on the pole so you don’t fall off. I am trying to individually engage and disengage muscles to build my muscle memory and be able to perform flexibility tricks effortlessly on the pole. Easier said than done.

My most productive day was in contortion class with Shelly Guy. Having my arms raised higher in a back bend while in a split really helped me stretch my upper back and shoulder muscles. I was very shocked by how flexible I was in that position.

I need to work on engaging my left back muscles more evenly when in a split backbend, I tend to bend more towards the right, which suggests to me that I am not square enough in my splits due to my quad and hip flexor. They have been my worst enemies in progressing my overspilt. I try so hard to straighten that back leg but it is so difficult, I just have to keep working in a balanced manner.

I worked on both the russian split and jade split pole trick.

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