21 Inner thigh Exercises – Adductor Variations

21 Inner thigh Exercises – Adductor Variations

Tight Adductor muscles can lead to limited hip mobility and hip pain.
If your hip isn’t fully functioning, your body is going to compensate and try to get the range of motion to complete the movements from somewhere else.

For instance, if your adductors become tight, you may have limited internal rotation, which will put more rotational demands on your SI Joint – aka a part of your low back not well equipped to handle rotation.

This will lead to low back pain and injury.

Here are 21 foam rolling, stretching and strengthening moves to strengthen your inner thighs or adductors

The 21 Inner thigh Exercises – Adductor Variations

1.Adductor foam rolling (0:50)
2.Frog stretch (0:59)
3.Half frog stretch (1:05)
4.Butterfly (1:16)
5.Lying Leg Out to Side (1:27)
6.Side to Side Lunge (1:38)
7.Prayer Squat (1:51)
8.Warrior II (2:00)
9.Slider kneeling Adduction (2:11)
10.Slider Side Lunge ( 2:26)
11.Slider Skater Lunges (2:40)
12.Slider Plank Jacks (2:53)
13.Cossack Squat (3:00)
14.Sumo Squat (3:17)
15.Glute Bridge with squeeze (3:28)
16.Boat to Bridge squeeze (3:38)
17.Side Plank with Adductor Lift (3:49)
18.Side Plank Bench Lift (4:00)
19.Peak-a-boo (4:15)
20. Lower Ab Criss Cross (4:30)
21.Lying Inner Thigh Lifts (4:40)

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