4 exercises every Pole Dancer should learn!

I’ll demonstrate 4 easy stabilization exercises you can do anytime, that target the scapula. Doing these along with the scapula/shoulder exercises listed in the conditioning section of the lessons http://www.studioveena.com/lessons can really help prevent injury. As a bonus I’ve shared important tips for inverting! Happy poling!

The top is by Mika Yoga wear.


4 exercises every Pole Dancer should learn! — 25 Comments

  1. my arse is huge, and my spine curves in more than usual so the flat back
    against the wall thingy was hard too LOL

  2. so helpful i can’t still invert but by now doing these exercises and
    learning the PROPER place for my arms im 50% closerrrr!!

  3. GREAT!! thank you for putting this up. it really helps to get some of these
    basics. Just started and found that the instructors just don’t teach the
    basics and just straight into the glamour side of things… and that’s
    where injuries happen.

  4. I am suppose to incorporate shoulder stabilization moves into my beginning
    classes so this has helped A LOT! Thank you. Even I pull my shoulders and
    squeeze to tight at times!

  5. Oh thank you so much!! I tend to invert with my hands low as that’s how I
    was taught. That armpit grip is something I will try next class! I am super
    pumped to try it and see how I go. Also how do you get that invert grip to
    work in an aerial invert/straddle?

  6. People talk english….hate the freekin jargon, not everyone knows what the
    hell you mean?

  7. what if you have kind of a big butt and getting your back flat is a
    problem? :(

  8. I’m recovering from a shoulder injury. My right shoulder is I guess over
    stretched. I have had a little physical therapy and it feels better now. I
    was trying a caterpillar from the ground and I don’t know what happen I
    think maybe I didn’t get my hips over my arms enough and I buckled.

  9. I think I know why I can’t stick my teddy bear. I round out and the pole
    gets away from the pit. THIS is very helpful. I cannot wait to try to
    keep my scapulae neutral and stick that tb move! I thought it was my hips
    rolling to the side.

  10. Thank you! I appreciate that you use both terms for the shoulder blades. I
    also appreciate you mentioning the safe way to hold yourself. While I know
    my muscles should have some fatigue, my first day at pole was A LOT of
    dropping as you mentioned. Too many levels in one class and the instruction
    was minimal. I am hoping to go back today however sore I am. Epsom salts
    didn’t help this time around.