5 EASY Back Stretches [Gardening Stretches pt.2]

Gardening pain free.

Summer is finally here and if you do any gardening at all, you know how your body will feel after playing in the dirt all day… Ouch, back and shoulders!!!

In today’s video we will show you a few easy stretches that will save your lower, mid, and upper back as well as your hips from many aches and pains.

Do these stretches as often as you want, you can repeat if necessary! Typically, you would do these after a gardening session, but you can do them throughout the day, when you feel tension in those areas.

PS. If you do any physical work that demands allot of bending over and picking stuff up causing back pain, these same exercises are used in rehab. So… $$$ advice here!!!

Stay tuned as we will be showing you tricks for a better night sleep when you have back, neck, need, hips and shoulder pain.

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Catherine St-Pierre

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