5 Easy Rotator Cuff Exercises To Strengthen Your Shoulder

http://www.TennisConditioning.tv Many tennis players feel pain in their shoulder and don’t know what exercises they can do to prevent it. Therefore Philipp Halfmann and Alexander Ritschard present 5 easy rotator cuff exercises that you can do with your athletes to strengthen the musculature surrounding the shoulder joint so that shoulder pain won’t become an issue.

Article: http://www.tennis-conditioning.com/2014/06/5-easy-rotator-cuff-exercises-to-strengthen-your-shoulder/


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http://www.TennisConditioning.TV Philipp Halfmann is the author of “Advanced Concepts of Strength & Conditioning for Tennis” (http://www.Tennis-Conditioning-Book.com). The book provides a great variety of strength & conditioning exercises for tennis players and coaches of all skill levels.

Featured exercise categories include:

– Dynamic & Static Stretches
– Resistance Training Exercises
– Functional Training Exercises
– Speed, Agility and Quickness Training
– Balance & Stability Exercises
– Speed Ladder Exercises
– Ballistics
– Plyometrics


http://www.TennisConditioning.TV Author, tennis touring- and strength & conditioning coach Philipp Halfmann (http://www.Tennis-Conditioning-Book.com) shares insights and opinions about tennis, strength & conditioning, sport nutrition, sports science and health-related issues.

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