5 FAVOURITE Stretches for Back Flexibility

I want to share with you my favourite 5 stretches for backbends!!! Remember there are millions of ways to stretch and it important to do what works for your body 🙂


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ABOUT ME: I’m a international pole performer, instructor & competitor.

I have been involved in the fitness industry now for 10 years. Some of my qualifications include: Level 3 personal Trainer, Xpert Pole Fitness, Fitness Pilates, British Gymnastics Coach, Spin City Aerial Hoop, Sports massage therapist & Freestyle fitness yoga. Pole dancing became my passion in 2011 and since then I have also developed a love for flexibility training!
I was not naturally bendy when I started pole fitness & so the obsession with flexibility began! I hope to share my tips and what I have learned throughout my journey with you guys!

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