7 Effective Ways to Ease Sore Muscles (DOMS)

♥ So you had a good solid workout session and the next morning, your muscles are so sore you can barely walk!
♥ Watch this video through & follow the tips to prevent and ease post-workout muscle soreness so that you can train stronger for longer!
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7 Effective Ways to Ease Sore Muscles (DOMS)
1) Stretch at the end of your workout
2) Soak in a warm bath
3) Massage your sore spots
4) Invest in a foam roller
5) Pack on Omega-3s
6) Get plenty of rest
7) Move it!

IMPORTANT! When you experience DOMS, the goal is to increase blood flow into your muscles and relieve the feeling of tightness.

What other methods have you tried to reduce and ease post workout muscle soreness? Do let me know in the comments below. =)

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