7 Total Body Exercises | Combo of Legs, Glutes, Core and Shoulders | Ingrid Romero

Welcome to my all new home workout video series part 1!

In this video series we will be taking home workouts to a whole new level! The center of these exercises will be focusing on specific target muscles done at a cardio pace to give you the best workout and the best results.
Today’s workout is a combination of Legs, Glutes, Shoulders and your Abs. Here is the equipment that we will need: A medicine ball, a set of Dumbbells that you are comfortable with, some water to keep yourself hydrated a towel and an open area for your workout. If you don’t have the equipment being used you can always improvise with things you have around the house like water jugs, a basketball or a gym bag filled with anything to give it some weight. Be creative! Like I said earlier, this is going to be intense, effective and fun! Let’s Begin!

1:30 Warm up – 3, 30 Second Exercises Mountain Climbers, Spiderman Push-ups, Plank Alt Leg & Arm Raises 

0:30 Rest/Stretch 

1:00 Medicine Ball Lunge Overhead Shoulder Press to Core Rotation
Overhead press medicine ball while dropping into a lunge. Once Lunge is in place, with straight arms lower medicine ball until it’s extended over the knee and rotate to the direction of the knee that is in front and return.

0:30 Up and Over Donkey Kicks
Get on all fours on mat/floor (hands under shoulders, knees under hips).Start with right leg straight, tap your toe down to the right, lift up and squeeze at the top, tap toe down over to the left. Make sure you squeeze at the top.
Switch legs; repeat.

1:00 Dumbbell Squat to Side Lateral Raises
Holding 2 dumbbells squat low and rise up and raise your wrists laterally at your sides just above your shoulders and back down.

0:30 Plank with Alt Knee Tucks
Plank – bring in a single knee towards the opposite arm extend back then alternate and repeat.

1:00 Triangle Leap Frog Alt Squat, Sumo, Together, Standard 
Imaginary triangle – squat jump to each corner performing a sumo squat, then feet together squat and standard squat.Repeat.

0:30 Ab Walkout – Kneeling or Standing
Place hands flat on the floor closest to knees or feet and walk hands out to a plank position then walk hands back.

1:00 Reverse Crossover Lunge Front Raise Combo
Holding dumbbells, reverse cross lunge, once at bottom of lunge perform a front raise with dumbbell. Rise, Alternate and repeat

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