A Great Glute Max Workout That Will Help Tone And Lift Your Butt

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INTRO: Here’s a super simple glute workout that will help you have a nicely toned butt.

Hi I’m Clancy from Inner Strength Pilates and Barre, I’m going to show you a great glute max workout that comes straight from our bikini butt workout.

So this is our online training site, we’ve made tons of videos for you guys to do at home.

So super simple to follow us, I’ll give you a little sneak peek of the bikini butt workout, okay.

So I’ve got 1 kilo ankle weights on here, you can go anywhere between 1 kilo or 2 kilo for this exercise depending on your strength and where you at fitness wise.

So let’s set-up, so as I said before it’s going to work into your glute max, yup, so really toning and lifting the butt.
You’re going to come down onto your elbows, into 4 point kneeling, now you want to make sure that your elbows are directly stacked underneath the shoulder joint, and then knees directly underneath the hips.

So we’re going to lift our leg up into a right angle, we inhale lower just about 4 inches, and exhale push the heel up to the ceiling, inhale lower, and exhale push, inhale lower, exhale push, inhale lower, exhale push, breathe in, breathe in engage the core, and push, breathe in, and push, breathe in, and push.

We’ve got 15 to go, so you’re going to go for 25 in a row, make sure the hips stay level, and you’re really pushing that heel up to the ceiling.

So if you can see yourself in a mirror nearby that’s fantastic, and just check that foot it’s not going too far out.

Really control it, make sure it doesn’t get too big, little pulses really getting right into that butt, your bottom should be burning right now.

Alright, back to our full range, inhale lower, exhale push, inhale, and exhale, good, keep those shoulders back, check your posture, great for your shoulder stabilizers as well this one, just a strengthen through there.

Coming up onto your hands, and extend your first leg you’re using, we’re going to keep our tummy engage, make sure you’re not arching into your lower back, we do a big inhale, exhale lift that leg up, and down, exhale lift, and down, lift, and down, exhale, and down.

Let’s go back down and repeat again, for 8, and lower, lift, lower, keep those shoulders pulling back, and lift, 4 to go, and 4, keep that tummy in, 3, 2, keep that leg up, fold it in, here we go, in, in, in, in, for 4, and 3, good, 2, and 1.

Good job, let’s change legs, you’re doing awesome, extend that leg out, let’s go, 8, keep that tummy engage, shoulders back, lift, and lift, we’re going 4, and 3, 2, stay up now fold that heel in for 8, here we go, in, release, bring it in, release, in, good, in, we’re going 4, and 3, 2, and 1.

Let’s start again, lift it up, release, lift, release, lift, bring it down, lift, and down, we’re going 4, down, 3, almost there, 2, now keep that leg up, fold it in, here we go, fold it in, and push, in, push, in, push, in, and extend for 4, and 3, 2, and 1, good.

Alright, so hope you enjoy that one, it’s definitely a butt burner, now to get your dream bikini butt make sure you sign up for our online training site which is http://www.pilatesandbarre.me

So super simple workout you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Now for this one, if you’re not feeling quite strong enough yet I recommend not using ankle weights first for the full set and then working your way and advancing yourself to using the ankle weights.

Thank you so much for joining me, and remember to sign up for our online training site.


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