A Much Needed Stretch | #ToneTuesday with Zoe McNulty

Sometimes you don’t want to workout… Sometimes you just need to rebalance and have a blummin’ good stretch! Wouldn’t you agree?

This week I did a couple of extra dance classes and so by the time it came to filming #ToneTuesday my body was knackered and all I wanted to do was lie down! Sometimes it is important to listen to your body, especially if you’re on the brink of injury. Any fitness instructors and sports people out there will no doubt agree that we do tend to push ourselves and often fail to take the advice we so readily give to our clients and peers.

So please do join me as I stretch on my hillside, a lovely secluded spot in the grounds of the Horniman Museum, over looking South East London and beyond (the other side of the hill looks over the famous London skyline from Canary Wharf to the London Eye but that side wasn’t getting the sun – oops, tan responsibly!)

Stretches included are for the neck, upper back, chest, shoulders, waist, hip flexors, quads, glutes and ham strings. This routine is most effective with a gentle warm up – I walked briskly for 15 mins, uphill to get to my destination which was plenty.

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