Aquatic therapy for Broken Leg Rehabilitation

Aquatic therapy for Broken Leg Rehabilitation. We went for a week to Turkey, to one of those all inclusive hotels (IC Green Palace Hotels) and this one had something like 5 swimming pools! Apart from that warm sun, which really felt good on the leg and bones, the warm waters was the best part.

Aquatic therapy for a leg break or ankle break is THE WAY to go. The water felt so good and soothing around the break and the leg. When swimming, if I wanted to go to A, I swam to point A! With a broken leg on land, going to Point A means first, grabbing the crutches and then stabilizing yourself and then starting the walk.

The aqua therapy was best for the muscles and ligaments around the break. These have largely not been used in three months! So this week of swimming and do aerobic exercises in the pool helped strengthen those. That is really important for when I can put 100% weight on the broken leg again.

Aquatic Therapy –

What is Aquatic therapy:
“A therapeutic procedure which attempts to improve function through the application of aquatic therapeutic exercises. These procedures require constant attendance of a therapist educated in performing aquatic therapeutic exercises. [1, 2] Common synonyms: Aquatic Rehabilitation, Aqua Therapy, Pool Therapy, Water Therapy, Hydrotherapy (outside the USA). Note that aquatic therapy, as defined by the AMA, is not “tied” to a single profession. It can arguably be performed by several legally-regulated healthcare providers who have scopes of practice which permit them to perform such services and who are permitted to use the AMA’s Current Procedural Codes (CPT)”

Having a broken leg, especially a spiral break or other more serious breaks, can be a long process. Aquatic therapy is certainly helpful. I was able to WALK again on the steps of the broad pool and that was awesome. Stretching the calf and achilles muscles again was so good.

Our hotel was IC Green Palace Hotel in Antalya, Turkey:

They have great wheelchair access and the lovely grounds are largely flat, so great for crutches. They also have special handicap access to one of the five swimming pools and as you see, the stairs in the beautiful pool I used were perfect for getting in and out with crutches.

Aquatic therapy for Broken Leg Rehabilitation.

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