Athletic Prep Stretching w/ resistance band


Demo of the pre-workout stretching we implement into our mobility prep phase at McConnell Athletics. A light resistance band (1 1/2in) is typically used but you can go with a monster-mini (1 in) or average (2 in) depending on your current level of flexibility.

We typically stretch after pre-warm-up and SMR (self myofascial release) with foam roller, etc

Make certain to stabilize the “non-stretching” leg against a fixed object (i.e. wall) to prevent lumbar rotation. And use the opposing muscles (i.e. quads in hamstring stretch) to assist in lengthening the targeted muscles.

This is ‘active stretching’ meaning that the stretch is performed in “reps” as opposed to just held statically. The reps are not large movements but “pulses” that are progressive (not forced).

►Hamstrings in 3 positions: straight up/ across for lateral hamstrings/ out for medial hamstrings
(dorsiflexion throughout; LOCATE range of motion w/ each rep)
►Hip Rotators
(activate adductors, bringing knee towards opposite shoulder)
►Hip Flexors/ Quads
(flex hamstrings, curling heel to butt; brace abs)
-Perform 10+ reps of each position
-Repeat on other side

Appreciation to Dave Schmitz for his influence of this stretching routine.

Coach Vince McConnell

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