Ballerina Body Series No.8 ~How to stretch (advanced)

Hello,World ­čśÇ
This is the more advanced stretching tutorial.
To see the beginner’s version click here:

These videos have been sitting here since October waiting for me to edit them..^^ That is why I look a little more “chubby” than I actually do now haha

-deep lunges
-deep second position
-middle splits
-side splits
-leg extensions on floor and sitting
-shoulder stretch
-leg extension standing up
-cambr├ę (back bend)

Have fun stretching! But be safe.

Ballerina Body Series
No.1 : Feet
No.2 : Butt,Hips,Thighs
No.3 : Arms
No.4 : Balance
No.5 : Back
No.6 : Abdominals/Core
No.7 : Stretching Beginners
No.8 : Stretching Advanced

~Tatiana c:

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Ballerina Body Series No.8 ~How to stretch (advanced) — 8 Comments

  1. This is amazing Tatiana.:)
    Thank you for sharing this.:)

  2. What if you can’t do all these fully yet like I can’t do a Fonshey what
    should I do??´╗┐

  3. isnt your back leg soposed to be tucked in the splits. thats how our dance
    teaches it´╗┐

  4. love this video I teach ballet to gymnasts and I stopped dancing
    professionally years ago so this is a great video to refresh my memory. You
    are a beautiful dancer..absolutely love your feet!´╗┐

  5. The stretch at 4:04, every time I try it, I grab my Leg Im holding it,
    happy …. and then I fall on my Back. I dont know I just can hold it, do
    you have some exercise for better balance ?´╗┐