Beginner 10m Stretching Routine

If you’re a total beginner or have never seriously stretched before and you want to know more about stretching, by the end of this video you will know exactly what you need to do in order to improve or maintain your flexibility.
In this video I present a 10 minute daily stretching routine for beginners and intermediates to practice wherever possible – it can be done in your home, working office or at a local park in nature.
This stretching program includes the whole body from head to feet and it includes stretches for the hamstrings, lower back, belly/abdominals, shoulders, chest, neck, hip flexors and glutes.
Also, I recommend practicing it barefoot / without shoes which will improve your foot stabilization, strength and pliability and thus positively affect your entire body.
The stretches here can be of benefit to inflexible athletes and sedentary people as well, as they are relatively safe, effective and technically easy to perform.
The reason this stretching routine is effective at improving flexibility and mobility is that it incorporates the contract relax method which I’ve talked about here:
And it also incorporates the reciprocal inhibition reflex which allows the muscles to relax and elongate.
So the rest is up to you. stay consistent, and remember it’s a never-ending process to maintain and/or improve your body. take care of your machine and it will reward you consequentially.


This video is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to offer any advice.
Consult with your doctor before attempting anything I present in this channel.
It is completely your responsibility to critically evaluate all the information I give and with the help of a professional to determine whether or not you should apply it.
I do not hold any responsibility for anyone hurting themselves, directly or indirectly from my content so please take care.

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