Best Stretching Exercises to Make Your Legs and Body Grow Taller Naturally

Some height increasing exercises, along with proper diet and better sleeping habits, may help aid the growing process.
Here you can see some of the grow taller exercises that may supplement human growth. You can use the exercises and stretches as part of your daily routine. As with any other exercise program, the key to success is dedication and persistence. A lot of people fail to follow an exercise plan because they start off with an abundance of enthusiasm and energy only to quit within a couple of weeks because they over did it. These exercises will help improve your posture and flexibility in addition of increasing your height. The Key to Success is Dedication and Persistence
What are the Benefits of Stretching?

Doctors maintain that stretching workouts imitate the conditions and exertions produced by other resistance workouts such as weight lifting. But unlike weight lifting workouts, stretching workouts target the spine, helping it lengthen and make you taller.
Some of The Exercises: pike stretch, Legs bent, Glutes stretch,Ankle to Knee, Butterfly Stretch,

A good stretching program includes diverse routines to put the body in a number of different positions. This makes the body more flexible and faster growth rate of bones. A successful set of exercises, done regularly, can add 2-3 inches of height over time.

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