Boston Shamrocks Stretch & Warmup Routine

This warm up routine is to be done before every lift. Every position of every stretch should be held for 30 seconds. After reaching the maximum (1-7) at each stretch, regress back through the order to the beginning (7-1). Complete each stretch on both sides prior to moving on to the next routine

Hip Flexor Stretch
1. 90 degree knee bend
2. Step out and shift weight to front foot
3. Arms up over head
4. Twist away from the side you are stretching
5. Lift same side arm over head, pull elbow away with other hand.

Glute Stretch
1. Calf/shin perpendicular to chest. Chest up tall.
2. Down to forearms
3. Reach arms out over head
4. Walk arms towards the side you are stretching

Hamstring Stretch with band/rope
1. Light hamstring stretch. Both legs are straight
2. Increase slightly
3. Drive knee to chest
4. Invert foot toward midline
5. Evert foot away from midline
6. Bring leg cross body. Keep back flat on ground. Reach away
7. Bring leg to the other side. Keep back flat and reach away.

Groin Stretch On Wall
1. Butt up on wall. Legs fall down to the side
2. Increase stretch by letting legs fall further.

Groin Stretch (Butterfly)
1. Feet together, sit up tall
2. Press elbows down onto knees. Tuck chin
3. Repeat steps 1 & 2.

Lower Body Control Drills
1. Seated Leg Raise (10 each)
2. Leg Extension (10 Each)
3. Fire Hydrant Hip Lift (10 Each)
4. Repeat

Upper Body Control Drills — Head down & chest off ground
1. Thumbs up arm lift (10)
2. Thumbs out to side arm lift (10)
3. Figure 8 (10)
4. External Rotation (10 each)
5. Repeat

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