Build a Booty || Glutes & Hamstring Workout

Screen Shot Workout!
Foam Roll Legs and Glutes
20 leg swings each leg
Hip Flexor Stretch
⬇Repeat Warm-up circuit 2 times ⬇
10 Bodyweight squats
10 Stationary Lunges each leg
10 Barbell Squats Light Weight
10 Bodyweight Banded Hip Thrusts
10 Bodyweight Single Leg Hip Thrust
10 Seated Banded Abductors

♡ Hip Thrust: 3×8-10 (Go heavy but keep good form! Keep knees driven out and lift toes off of the floor. Push through your heels and lock out hips at the top of the movement. Hold each rep 2 seconds then lower the weight slowly and to keep constant tension on the glutes don’t reset and let the plates touch the floor.)
♡Stiff Leg Deadlift: 4×10 (Keep legs straight and bend knees slightly. Hinge at the hip to lower the weight down. Keep the bar as close to your legs as possible. Once you feel the stretch in your hamstrings bring the weight back up using your glutes and hamstrings not your arms. Stand on a plate if you need more ROM)
Dumbbell Donkey Kicks: 4×15 (each leg)
Weighted Step-Ups: 4×10 (each leg)
Complete 15 donkey kicks on each leg and then go right into 10 Step-Ups on each leg. That will be one set.
♡4 Way Lunge: 4×6 each leg ( Lunge forward, squat, lunge backwards, Curtsy lunge= 1 Set. Complete that 5-6 times on the right side and then go to the left side and do the same. Rest 30 seconds after completing both sides.)
Banded Kickbacks: 4×15-20
Banded Side Steps: 4×20 (10 steps each side. Squat down as low as you can. When you step to the side rotate your knee outwards.)

💰How I Pinch Pennies:

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