Calf Stretches

Calf stretch

This is one of the most important stretches for stretching the lower leg and foot. It should be included in the stretching routine of cyclists, athletes, weightlifters and those involved in high volume cardio-activities as it eases cramps.

You could perform the stretch while standing by pushing against the wall or on the ground. It is okay to play around with the angle at which your foot is pressing against the ground. The further the angle of your foot, the more you get to work your lower and upper calves.

PREVENT Knee Valgus Collapse During Squat By Stretching & Massaging Your Calves!

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There are a variety of reasons why you may get knee valgus collapse during squat exercises. One reason for this may be poor motor control, or weak glutes. Another overlooked reason can be tight calves. When your calves are very tight and you are squatting, you can go into a knock kneed position. This is obviously a bad position to go into repeatedly, as it places excessive stress on your knee joint.

So to prevent this, you will want to stretch your Soleus and Gastrocnemius muscles. To do these calf stretches, you can simply place your hands on a wall with one leg back. Do this stretch with your back knee both bent and straight. Also, to be more aggressive, you can do a stair stretch where one foot is halfway off the step. Here, you can use your body weight. None of these should be painful though.

Finally, you can do soft tissue work on your calf by massaging it. By doing all these things, you can loosen up those muscles to prevent yourself from going into a genu valgum position. This can indeed spare you pain during the squat, which is a very useful exercise that you should do if you can.
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