Calf Workout ideal for Ballet Dancers

I hope you enjoyed the video guys! If you liked it, ask me to do more videos like this one.You can repeat the exercises up to four times (if you are advanced) to have five sets total. This is great for toning and strengthening your calves and you can use it as a warm-up for your pinte work. Oh, and give me a thumbs up for my fluffy looney tunes carpet 😉 And yeah, thumbnail is funny as well but I couldn’t change it:D
Before doing this or any other workout is recommended that you should consult a doctor. However, when you workout there is always the posibility of injury. In such cases, I am not responsible for any accident. To avoid being injured don’t neglect warming up as well as stretching properly after doing exercises that involve muscle training.
You can find the awesome piano cover by Hugo Silver here:
(Frank Sintra-My way Recording Studio Piano Cover)

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