Hamstring and Calf Stretch – Modifying the Downward Facing Dog

[sc:abs1] A stretch for the calves and hamstrings. If you have tight calves or hamstrings, this downward dog modification from yoga will definitely help you along the path towards getting better flexibility. TRAINING FOR HUMANS- http://www.functionalpatterns.com/product/the-official-functional-patterns-training-for-humans-workout-system/ THE POWER OF POSTURE- … Continue reading

Calf stretches

[sc:abs1] This video demonstrates three progressive ways to stretch out the calf muscles (both gastroc and soleus). It is part of website called Athletes Treating Athletes that is designed to teach athletes ways to self treat common injuries. Check it … Continue reading

Manual Calf Stretch

[sc:abs1] Join http://brentbrookbush.com/ to get instant access to 260+ videos, 180+ articles, and 80+ panel discussions in our fully integrated online platform – http://brentbrookbush.com/register-2/ If you enjoy our videos, you’ll love our live workshops – http://www.brookbushinstitute.com/workshops/ Manual Calf Stretch (Gastrocnemius … Continue reading