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Did you know that the dynamic back stretch reduces the risk of back injuries? A simple explanation would be that your muscles too work smoothly if they are warmed up. The dynamic stretch improves the range of movements and also increases flexibility in the body.

# Let us have a quick look at some dynamic back stretches:
Twisting: Start this exercise by standing up straight and keep the knees slightly bent. Now move the feet apart from each other up to shoulder width. Place your hands on your hips and begin to rotate your torso towards the right side. Keep in mind that the hips are squared forward during this movement. Now return to the center position and rotate the torso to your left side. Try doing about 15-20 twists for each side for best results.

# Loosen up With This Stretch: This particular dynamic stretch warms up the stomach and lower back region. Begin this stretching exercise by standing straight with the knees slightly bent. The feet should be shoulder width apart. Now bend your arms maintaining a 90 degree angle and raise your elbows in front of the shoulders. Then without a break lift your right knee and begin to lower the left elbow facing the mid section of your body. Slowly touch them together and get back to the position you started with. Similarly repeat the same with the left knee and your right elbow. Do about 15-20 touches for each side for best results.
Try doing a few stretching exercises and see how it transforms your body making it fitter by the day!

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