Easy Stretches for Text Neck & Neck Pain Yoga for Greatist – Yoga for Neck Pain

Neck pain? Texting too much? This seated class of easy neck stretches if for you!
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The good news is technology is amazing. I edited one of my own yoga videos yesterday on mobile iMovie while riding the bus.

The bad news is that smart phones are destroying our posture. Experts say that for every inch your head is tilted forward looking down at a screen, the pressure on your cervical spine (AKA your neck) doubles. As our phones evolve into mini super-computers, we’re glued to them for hours each day, creating muscle strain, pinched nerves, herniated disks and yucky headaches.

Whether you’re addicted to CandyCrush or you’re a compulsive email checker, constant smart phone usage is pulling your chin forward and taking your head out of alignment with the rest of your spine.

You can fix this (and avoid turkey neck) by doing some of the simple stretches I’ve put together below. You don’t need a yoga mat, yoga clothes or even the willpower to stand up. Do these seated as your desk right now!

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