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Do you wear high heels? Do you deal with Plantar fasciitis, Achielles tendonitus, or Foot pain because of your shoes? With a regular foot and ankle workout program you can Take care of your feet and prevent problems. In this 10 minute video, fitness professional Caroline Jordan leads you through a quick fitness exercise and massage routine for your ankles, shins, and feet. This free routine does not require any equipment and can be done anywhere. Foot and ankle stretches improve the joints’ mobility and prevent stiffness that can inhibit your ability to move. Wearing high heels on a daily basis can actually shorten your Achilles tendon, impacting your gait. It also overloads the calf muscle, causing it to work harder and increasing risk of injury. This kind of strain is particularly troubling if you run since the calf muscle and Achilles are susceptible to strain from overuse. Stretches help prevent knee and shin pain and plantar fasciitis when you run, cycle, walk, or exercise. When you stretch your feet, its always good to incorporate your legs and hips in some of the stretches. In this video, Caroline offers simple exercises and shoe alternatives to help correct the harms that have gone on for years unchecked. Covering common foot ailments from hammer toes to corns, Caroline suggests that by wearing more feet-friendly shoes, exercising your feet, and simply being aware of the way you walk can help avoid costly treatments and surgeries and, more important, can help prevent pain in the first place.

Aim to do these exercises multiple times a week, before or after wearing high heels. Do you strengthen and stretch your feet, ankles, and toes? Leave me a comment below and tell me when you have tried the foot workout and if it helps you build strong feet 🙂

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