Fibromyalgia Exercises: 10 Stretches to Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia is the inflammatory muscular disease that causes wide spread pain in several muscles simultaneously.

1. Head Press for Neck and Shoulder Blade Muscles

2. Head and Shoulder Elevation Exercise for Upper Back, Arm and Neck Muscles

3. Shoulder Press Exercise for Shoulder Blade and Upper Arm Muscles

4. Back Press to Ground Exercise for Mid Back Muscles

5. Backward Stretch Exercise for Lower and Mid Back Muscles

6. Pelvic Bridge Exercise for Lower Back Muscles

7. Knee-Chest Exercise for Abdominal and Thigh Muscles

8. Heel Drag Exercise for Thigh and Calf Muscles

9. Knee Press Exercise for Back of Thigh and Calf Muscles

10. Adductor Muscle Exercise (With Ball) for Leg Muscles

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