Here is my glute and hamstring focused workout. Tryna grow some cakes? Well, try these move. They’ll definitely make you sore the next day. Perfect for shaping and toning the legs and growing da bum. 😉

Tips for deadlifts:
– Maintain a nice straight back (don’t round your back)
– Go slow when going down so you can really feel the stretch in your hamstrings

Tips for Glute Bridges/ Hip thrusts:
– Use a maximum of 3 plates for your step platform (I used 4 in the video which was way too high for me)
– Use padding for the bar on top of your hips and use padding for your back on the platform as well ( I totally forgot to do this and my back was a bit sore/bruised the next day.
– Squeeze your glutes at the top and make sure your knees don’t cave in (they should be pointing straight)
– It helps to push the bar slightly away from you towards your quads instead of letting the bar just sit right in the groin area. It will help give you more leverage.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions I love to hear from you guys 🙂

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