Got Hip Tendonitis & Hip Clicking? Fix The Femoral Head!

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Although hip tendonitis is rather common, a major cause of it is very often overlooked. Because we sit so much throughout the day, our glute muscles can weaken with time. This can then lead to our femoral head, or the top part of our femur, traveling forward in our hip socket. This is an issue because normally when the hip is flexed, the femoral head travels backwards in the socket. If that head is forward though, structures at the hip can be affected.

This forward femoral head can jam structures at the hip, causing hip tendonitis due to muscles such as the Iliopsoas being impinged upon. Hip clicking can also result due to other structures being jammed, like the labrum. Hip grinding from the cartilage being affected can also result.

Therefore, if one wants to solve their hip issues, they must target their femoral head. To assess if you have issues with this structure, sit at the edge of your chair with your knees together. Now bend forward hinging at the hips. If you have hip pain or clicking, what I described above is likely happening with you.

Now, bring your legs to a normal position and use your thumbs to press down into your heads. Now bend forward and back for 1 minute. Now bring your knees together to see if you still have the clicking. If you don’t, this likely worked. Next what you will want to do is strengthen your glutes to maintain this, doing exercises like supine bridges and sidelying leg raises.

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