Hot Legs and Booty Workout: Sweat Factor- Sam

Hot Legs and Booty Workout from Sweat Factor with Sam is a 14 min leg sculpting workout routine that is designed to kick start the metabolism to burn fat as you target tone the hips, thighs, booty, calves and abdominals for a lean and sexy lower body makeover! Turn up the burn and challenge yourself as you engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously with this supercharged fitness circuit that will re-shape your backside and shrink your waistline fast! Give it all that you’ve got as you work the abs, legs, butt, back, obliques, shoulders, hips and thighs with Fitness Expert & Shred Camp Trainer, Sam. Strengthen the core and ignite your fat loss potential with this effective series of result driven moves like squat side leg raises, fast feet with jumps, around the world lunges, calf raises, modified side planks, plank butt kicks, lateral leg circles, roll-up X jumps, quad stretches, hamstring stretches, figure 4 stretches and more from the body-shredding “Sweat factor” Fitness Series! Become your best and build a stronger and healthier new you with Sweat Factor. You will need a towel and a bottle of water to complete this effective workout that can be modified to fit all skill levels by adjusting reps, speed, form and rest periods. Get the results you are looking for now! Tune in to the BeFiT Channel weekdays for newly uploaded fitness videos featuring your favorite trainers. Click here for more Shred Camp Workouts Sweat Factor:

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