How Hamstring Injuries Happen

The Hamstrings are a muscle that is commonly injured in those who play competitive sports. From kicking a ball hard to sprinting fast and stopping, a lot of stress is being placed on the hamstring muscles.

The hamstring muscles travel down the back of your thigh and attach behind your knee. They are involved in extending your leg backwards and flexing your knee, as well as controlling the opposite of those motions. So for example, when you are running, the hamstrings will contract to slow down how fast your lower leg is traveling forward.

There are many ways that hamstring injuries could happen, but I am going to go over four big reasons.

When you don’t stretch or warm-up your hamstring muscles, they may lose flexibility. Stress is already being placed on the hamstrings when you are running or kicking a ball, so when they are less flexible, even more stress will be placed on them when performing those actions.

Another way that hamstring injuries occur is that they are weak. If you do a lot of quadriceps exercises which extend your lower leg forward, then you could be causing a muscle imbalance within yourself. If the quadriceps are overpowering the hamstrings, this can also lead to a hamstring injury.

If your hamstrings are tired that too can lead to them getting injured. When your muscles are fatigued, they may go into improper movement patterns and may not do their job as well. When the hamstrings are unable to control how your lower leg is moving as much, that too can lead to them becoming injured.

Finally, if you have already hurt your hamstrings, that can be a big factor in them becoming injured. When you suffer an injury, your body may move that muscle differently to protect itself. The problem is that when you have healed, the muscle does not go back to the proper way of moving and it sticks with improper way. Scar tissue that was put down by your body in response to torn muscle fibers in the hamstrings from them having previously injured themselves can also lead to a loss of flexibility in that region.

The four above reasons are big reasons why many people suffer from hamstring injuries. So remember to warm-up your muscles, stretch them, strengthen them and be smart to avoid injuring yourself.

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