How Sitting Affects the Biceps Femoris & Causes Hamstring Injuries

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In this video, I’ll be discussing thoughts on the future of my channel, as well as how hamstring injuries can be caused by sitting too much.

When you sit too much, you aren’t using your Gluteus Maximus butt muscle for extended periods of time. This can lead to it weakening and not doing its job as well. When this happens, other muscles can pick up the slack.

One muscle that plays a very similar role in terms of actions to the Gluteus Maximus is the Biceps Femoris. The Biceps Femoris is an outer hamstring muscle at the back of your leg that does hip extension as well as external rotation. If this muscle has to perform harder, this can cause the muscle to become sore and inflamed over time.

When this happens, hamstring injuries may occur. The Biceps Femoris may become injured due to it over working, which can cause muscle strains to happen. When muscle strains happen, the muscle fibers are torn, which can be painful and limit your activity. You will then likely need to rest and recover. All of this is simply a reason to not sit on your butt as much and why it is so important to be active and exercise more.

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