How To Develop Flexibility – FULL BODY STRETCH – Tutorial

A full body stretching routine that I use to help develop flexibility faster. The A lot of you guys were asking me how to work on flexibility and what stretches I do. Here are the stretches I do.
Some of them can be used to work up to others and FEEL free to ADJUST this to your needs, no need to do all the stretches maybe just subtract areas you feel you dont need and keep the areas you need to work on flexibility on. BE SURE TO WARM UP OR PERFORM AT END OF SESSION.

SO that is why I broke it down so you can navigate through this video easily!:
Complete Full Body Stretching Routine – Tutorial For Flexibility and Injury Prevention
How To Develop Flexibility Tutorial

Table of Contents:

0:55 — Arm Circles
1:25 — Head Circles
1:59 — Pectoral/ Bicep Stretch
2:38 — Back of arms (triceps + shoulders) / Upper Back
3:10 — Nice upper back stretch
3:42 — Triceps/ Shoulder stretch
4:30 — WRISTS!
5:10 — Aikido Wrist Stretch
5:44 — Ground Wrist Stretch
6:05 — Airchair Stretch
6:45 — Pop A Squat (poop in the woods)
7:01 — Toe Touch (sitting)
7:38 — The FLARE Stretch (wide leg stretch)
8:40 — The Runners Stretch (Quads)
9:10 — Kneeling Quad Stretch
9:30 — Ouch Yoga Pose (Quads)
10:03 — Lunge Stretch (Hip Flexors/ Groin)
10:35 — Butterfly Stretch (Lower Back / Groin)
11:05 — Butt Stretch (Gluts)
11:35 — Standing Calf Stretch
12:10 — CORE (and additional)
12:18 — Front Arch to Downward Dog (Abs/ Core/ Shins/ Legs/ Calfs)
12:58 — Childs Pose (lower back)
13:25 — Side Core Stretch
13:47 — Roll Back (lower back)
14:15 — Flat (equalizer)
14:24 — Bridge Stretch (Spine/ Core/ Arms/ Legs)
15:15 — The Ball — Lower Back
15:30 — Shake It Off!

The asterisks next to the times means approximately, so feel free to adjust it to your needs.

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