How To FIX Flat Feet With These Corrective Stretches & Strengthening Exercises

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As someone who has had flat feet for virtually their entire life until very recently, I am very intimately familiar with this issue and how it can impact people. Given that your feet are the foundation of your body, their structure is enormously important with regards to how the rest of your body functions.

I experienced first hand just how flat feet impact the rest of your body. When your feet collapse down, your shin bone rotates in. This not only places stress on your foot on things such as your Posterior Tibial Tendon, but it also causes your knees to cave inwards more too. This can then lead to knee pain. Up even further, hip pain can result. Lower back pain can also easily be attributed to your feet being flat.

So, having collapsed arches is much more than a simple cosmetic issue. Indeed, if your feet are rigidly flat, they are stuck in that position and an orthotic may prove to be very useful in this case. For people who have flexible flat feet, or they have an arch off the ground, but not on it, it is possible that doing certain strengthening and stretching exercises will help them develop an actual arch over time.

Although I cover all exercises in the video, I’ll cover briefly what I went over. I went over strengthening your foot intrinsic muscles, as well as mobilizing your 1st MTP joint. I also went over stretching your Peroneals and Calf muscles. I also discussed how to strengthen your Anterior and Posterior Tibialis muscles. Finally, I discussed the importance of strengthening your hip too and why losing weight is of concern too.
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