How to foam roll calf muscles

Straightforward instructions on foam rolling your calf muscles properly.

1. Position yourself with one leg straight and the calf on the foam roller and your other foot flat on the floor. Keep your back straight and use your hands or fists to help stabilize you.
2. Gently roll forward and backward so that the foam roller puts pressure up and down the calf. When you find a tender spot, stop and maintain pressure on that spot for 30 seconds.
3. Roll to a new spot and hold there for 30 seconds.
4. To apply more pressure to a tender spot, put your other leg on top of the leg you are foam rolling. To apply even more pressure, lift your butt up off the floor (see picture 2 for examples).

This exercise inhibits overactive, overly tight calf muscles. You may be directed to do this on only one side by your health and fitness professional.

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