How to get rid of shin splints

This video teaches about shin splints and shows exercises to make you shins stronger along with ways to prevent the occurrence of shin splints.

Reasons why shin splints occur
Weak shins
Old shoes/little cushioning
Heavy heel strike – landing on your heels when running
Hard surfaces – concrete, track, asphalt
Flat arches
Amped up workout intensity. Not running at all then running 5mi.

Do shin splint exercises up to three days a week (exception for the bands) because it is a workout for your legs.
Only do cup icing up to 5 minutes.
Never ice and then workout.
One can also heat the shins before workout. Heat no longer than 15minutes

If you have shin pain and have to stop running you can still exercise on machines that are zero impact like the elliptical, rowing, biking and ultra slide.

Once your shin splints go away keep doing these exercises! You don’t have to do them 3 days a week or do every single exercise, but do some of them.

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