How To Improve Your Jumps In Cheerleading / Dance! – Stretches, Exercises, Drills, Conditioning


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How To Improve Your Jumps In Cheerleading / Dance! – Stretches, Exercises, Drills, Conditioning — 25 Comments

  1. High Intensity, Total Body Cheerleader Jumps Workout!

    EVERYONE Should try this. It only takes 5 minutes!

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  2. Im a ballet dancer.Will this also work for me?? Btw love your channel!!

  3. Zoe – thank you so much! Yes this will work for you – I do ballet as well
    and used these exercises to help with my leaps and turns :)

  4. Amy – My leg weights (5lbs) were about $20 I think – but there are some for
    as low as $10!

  5. do you have any tips on staying “locked” and stable when I’m flying? also
    do you have any tips on how to keep my toes pointed and legs and arms
    straight, also how to keep my chest up? thanks so much i love your videos
    and they’ve really helped me out :)

  6. Olivia – thank you so much, I’m glad you like my videos! 🙂
    for your jumps – the leg lifts and monkey bar drill are most helpful for
    that! Really focus on developing your thigh strength, and use your abs to
    help stabilize your upper body in place. Try doing them on a trampoline
    first, that way you can really focus on your technique without worrying
    about how high your jumps get. Then work your way to the ground! 🙂
    flying – I have a video that helps with how to balance in stunts, and I’m
    making another one that covers that too 🙂 but my best tips would be to
    make sure you squeeze your core/glutes really tight, and make sure you
    distribute your feet evenly in your foot (don’t point or flex too much) –
    and also think about squeezing your thighs and knees super tight!

  7. I have a cheer competition in a month and my jobs are terrible and this is
    day one of this and this already helped a lot ! Thank you! 

  8. thanks this really helped my jumps have gotten really high! thank you so

  9. I stretch every day and practice my jumps constantly but my jumps look the
    way yours did with the waights on on a spring floor. I have my splits and
    nearly my middle splits and I can do it on a trampoline but on ground I
    just can’t and I’ve been tryingbfor months. I do freestyle disco dance BTW.
    If you have any tips please tell me xxx

  10. Ailbhe – Improving leg strength and jump height are the most importants
    things for you to improve your jumps (especially since you already have
    splits and know how to do the jumps.)
    I’d practice lots of leg lifts, squats, burpees and kicks – as well as
    Plyometrics workouts. (Tony Thomas Plyometrics on YouTube is really good!)

  11. Your videos are so helpful!!! I am a cheerleader and your videos really
    helped me improve my jumps and flexibility!!! 🙂 thank u!!!! 

  12. I love your channel! I have become so much more flexible in the last 2
    days! I can’t wait to show my cheer coach! 

  13. I have been looking for a video like this for a long time!! My school has a
    cheer team and i want to try out my i suck at my jumps so this helped a
    lot! thank you soooo much!! *clicks the subscribe button*

  14. My cheer tryouts start in 2 weeks and my jumps suck! Your videos really
    helped me thank you!!!!!

  15. Brianna Stump – So glad my videos are helpful! Good luck on cheerleading
    tryouts! :)

  16. Can you do a video to strengthen legs,abs, and arms? Ut can be separate :)