How to prepare for meditation in the morning

Eat some fruit and make a smoothie
Do the five tibetan rites
Do sat nam kriya for 3 minutes
Do 21 breathes 3 times
Do breathe of fire 35 times
Do alternate nostril breathing
Hang upside down against the wall and chant om for a minute for two sets
And meditate
The five tibetan rites

Shoulder stretch

Stretch for triceps

Stretch for biceps

Stretch for chest women can do it too

Sat nam kriya

Description of sat nam kriya

Kundalini technique where you hang upside on the crown of head using your hands to support against the wall and chant om while you do it

Cobra stretch yoga

Spine stretches

Standing spinal twist

Quad yoga pose

Christ consciousness energy field and angel fortified prayer

Archangel michael fortified prayer

Types of meditation you can do

Types of Meditation – An Overview of 23 Meditation Techniques

Leg yoga stretches

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