How to Stretch Before and After DANCE/WORKOUTS with Keaira LaShae

This is a stretching video to help you get through those hard workouts and stressful days! Thanks for joining me!!!!! Hope you enjoy!!! xo
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How to Stretch Before and After DANCE/WORKOUTS with Keaira LaShae — 25 Comments

  1. I just did the SOCA/CALYPSO dance workout and this was a great cool down! I
    wasn’t expecting this to be a yoga cool down, but I’m glad it was because I
    do yoga every day and I`m in love with it! :)

  2. I know I’m a couple of days late but just finished day one of your 30 day
    challenge looking forward to the rest of it. 

  3. Day 9 of 30 day challenge go #TeamLaShae !! Thank you for this
    legs(&butt) needed it :P

  4. love it love it! girl pls when you can continue to make more videos. im so
    glad i found your videos. God Bless

  5. Day 7 was what I needed. The stretching was real good. Now I feel rested
    and ready to do some more workout.

  6. DONE WITH THE STRETCH… interesting feeling.. Im not super flexible yet
    but I will get there.

  7. Ok….i’m not gonna lie to yall #team lashae …I didn’t work out on day 5
    because it was Friday, I was exhausted, my back hurt…..yeah I had more
    excuses than someone bout to go to jail….buttttt, the devil is a lie…i
    got up early the next morning eager to do day 5(all the while vowing not to
    miss another day until I finish this challenge as well as your other 2(New
    Year and Summer). I am telling everyone I know and love about these
    workouts(minus my undercover haters) because these are truly amazing and I
    have enjoyed every one. Kryptonite Booty…phewww, this thang is going to
    be RIGHT. :)

  8. I’m still hanging in there. I did Day 11-13. Took a break on Day 14 but
    going to do that today.

  9. Hi, I love all your videos! Can you please tell me how to break this video
    into 2 parts? I want one before and one after the dance/cardio workout (and
    not continuous). 

  10. this is the best stretching ever!!! it literally relaxes all my muscles
    groups and calm my nerves too!
    n guys lighting up your own kinda candle does help 🙂 thanks for the vid!