How to stretch the hamstrings properly

It’s not uncommon when people say they often stretch their hamstrings but never seem to see improvement in flexibility.
In this video I explain how the hamstring is built and the relevance of this information in regard to properly
stretching the hamstrings and improving their flexibility.

The semitendinosus and semimembranosus are the 2 inner parts of the hamstring that are often more flexible in people than the biceps femoris which is the hamstring that attaches to the
outer, or lateral part of the knee.
People often unknowingly focus on stretching their inner hamstrings and neglect to develop the flexibility of their outer hamstrings.
This is a problem because the tightest part of the hamstring will often be the limiting factor in various movements.
When there’s an over-flexible inner hamstring and a tight outer hamstring, the problem isn’t alleviated and back pain, mobility restriction and decreased performance may persist with a higher risk of injury.
I go as far as to say focus on making your outer hamstring more flexible as that’s the most critical piece.

This video is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to offer any advice.
Consult with your doctor before attempting anything I present in this channel.
It is completely your responsibility to critically evaluate all the information I give and with the help of a professional to determine whether or not you should apply it.
I do not hold any responsibility for anyone hurting themselves, directly or indirectly from my content so please take care.

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