How To Stretch Your Feet – Just For Kix How-To: Episode #31

How To Stretch Your Feet, a Dance Tutorial and Demonstration From Just For Kix How-To: Episode #31

How To Do Feet Stretches

Top 3 Feet Stretches:
1. Stand in parallel. Lift one foot at a time into a dig. Peel your toes off of the ground and pull them up into a point. Bring back down to the ground, toe, ball, heel. Repeat 10 times on each foot. This will help with your jumps!

2. Go down to the floor into a plank on your hands and toes. Lift your hips up with your toes curved over. Bend your knees and extend back up 3 times. Push out into a plank. Do not curl your toes!

3. Go up into high releve. Make sure your knees are straight and you are squeezing your core. Put your hands on your hips. Peel your toes off the floor and walk around in a circle. Stay on releve the entire time.

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