How to Warm Up For Your First Spartan Race


I did this video for my squad doing the Spartan Race. You can do this warm up before a workout as well.

Here are the exercises and rep ranges:
Lying Hip Twists x 6 reps each side
Lying Knee Hugs x 6 reps per side
Glute Bridge Activation x 6 reps
Prone Cobras x 6 reps
Cat Stretch x 8 reps
Kneeling Side to Side Chest Stretch x 8 per side
Rocking Childs Pose with Emphasis on Lat Stretch x 8 reps
Ankle/Calf Press downs x 6 Reps per side
Cossack Squats x 6 reps per side
Forward Lunge to In-step x 6 reps per side
Thoracic Spine Activation x 6 Reps per side
Hamstring and Calf Push Back x 6 reps per side

Full warm up can be seen here:

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