Jane Fonda: Lower Body Workout- Trim Tone and Flex

Jane Fonda: Lower Body Workout- Trim Tone and Flex is a low-impact, strength-building workout that is designed to sculpt lean muscle, increase flexibility, reduce joint stress, and promote weight loss through a powerful blend of seated and standing exercises combined with a series of stretches to enhance health and maximize results. Re-shape your lower half with Legendary Fitness Icon, Jane Fonda as she takes you through this upbeat and easy-to-follow routine that will firm and shape the hips, thighs, calves, legs, butt, abs, and arms through a series of target-toning moves including lunges, squats, calf raises, stretching variations, hip abductors, and shoulder presses. You will need a chair, light set of weights, a towel, and a bottle of water to complete this effective, fat-burning segment from Jane’s popular ” Trim, Tone, & Flex” Fitness DVD. Now you can work out with a legend right from your own home as you build sexy legs and buns, and sculpt a lean, beach-ready physique. Modify reps, weight, and rest periods to suit your fitness level. Challenge all of the major muscles of the lower body before finishing with a soothing series to avoid injury and soreness. Stay active as you look and feel your best with BeFiT! Tune in every weekday for new, free workouts. For more workouts from Jane Fonda, Click here: http://bit.ly/HCEl8M

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