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Kinesiology Taping is becoming more popular, and right now it’s considered a main stream method of treating Hamstring Strains.

This application of Kinesiology Tape can be used to assist healing of a Medial Hamstring Strain. Once applied the kinesiology tape application will assist in increasing circulation and aid healing and removal of fluid and bruising, and speed up the rehabilitation phase of the hamstring muscle injury.

First Step is to ensure the skin is clean and free of oil, moisturizer, heavy sweat and excessive hair.

After the application area is prepared, you need to lay on a table or bed, and place your leg in a position which is ideal for someone to apply the kinesiology tape from the top of your hamstring to just above the fold of your knee.

The next thing is to cut the length of kinesiology tape to a length which is about 1-1.5 inches shorter than the application length, and then cutting the corners of the tape to round them to help prevent them rolling up.

Before applying the tape you need to prepare an application tab, by tearing the backing and removing the end section the tape backing.

Then apply the tab to the top of the hamstring with no tension, below the buttock, and peal the 95% of the backing of the tape, and stretch and apply the tape to 50% tension down the hamstring, and applying the last 1-2 inches with no tension.

Then there is an option to apply horizontal unloader pieces to the location of the hamstring strain.

Lastly, rub the tape lightly to activate the glue.

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Kinesiology Tape Hamstring

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