Knee Hyperextension Success Story & Explaining Taut vs Tight Hamstrings

This is a great video to highlight how on appearance someone could have tight hamstrings and very tight muscles when in fact it is exactly the opposite
And the traditional approach of trying to loosen the joint with massage, stretching, manipulation will only serve to exacerbate the pain and problem as opposed to solving it
In only a short time with working with Olivia we have been able to take her from not even being able to squat on a chair without pain to now completing squats with 30kg on her back, lunges and step ups.
Her problem was quite complex but at the same time very simple.
Basically we had to identify where the problem was using assessments of muscles and joint range of motion.
But we also had to see how she moved. For without correcting her movement pattern we would never truly resolve her pain long term.
She still has a long way to go, but this video shows you within only 3 months she was able to go from being told she might need surgery ( she is only 14 years old too ) to now running, jumping and lifting weights with no problem.
The key for Olivia was actually trying to stiffen the joints and muscles by adopting strength training and really not using much flexibility or stretching at all. On examination nearly all of her stretches were way above what is regarded as ideal. Stability and balance were a significant issue that needed to be addressed and had to be done carefully in combination with teaching her the correct movement skills needed for correct sequence and timing of muscles.
Once going through these stages to where she is at now we can work on strength and more closer to improving fitness which is her ultimate goal so she can complete PE at school without problem.
Core strength and Core Training are terms that are thrown around a lot these days but not many people really understand what it means.
I would encourage you to watch our other videos on Knee Pain and Glute Strength
This will give you some great ideas as to where to start
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