Knee pain solution – Standing | Tight Quads | Squats

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Your Mission: Ditch The Stretch Zombies: Be a Stretch Ninja
You are a Stretch Ninja:
1. When you focus on exercising and not stretching
2. believe stretching has little benefits
3. if you think stretching does not increase blood flow to muscles
4. If you don’t consider stretching as a warm-up
5. if you believe pre workout stretching will decrease performance
6. if you don’t focus on major muscle groups
7. if you only stretch one side of the body
8. if you bounce when you stretch
9. if you hold stretch for over 5 seconds
10. if you hold stretch for 30 seconds
11. If you stretch and it causes you pain
12. if you hold and stretch
13. if you do not make your stretching sports specific no matter your sport
14. if you do not keep up with your stretching
15. if you do not have a full body stretching routine
16. if you do not increase your range of motion every day
17. if you are not gentle with your stretching
18. if you are not precise with your stretch movements
19. if you try to stretch two muscles at the same time
20. if you are using stretching to heal an minor injury.
21. if you do one foot balanced stretches
22. if you calf stretch with force by pushing against a wall.
23. if you stretch your ITB illiotibial band standing
24. if you do not stretch using angles
25. if you stretch your shoulder for 30 seconds
26. if you stretch your neck for 30 seconds
27. if you stretch your upper back for 30 seconds
28. if you stretch your adductors on foam
29. if you stretch your quads on all fours
30. if you stretch your glutes by placing you ankle on your knee
31. if you stretch your anterior tibialis using a stick
32. if you stretch your brachialis using foam
33. if you stretch you calves using foam
34. if you stretch your hamstrings using a chair
35. if you stretch your chest on a stability ball
36. if you stretch your foot on foam
37. if you stretch your hamstring using foam
38. if you stretch lliotibial tract on foam
39. if you stretch you latissimus dorsi on foam
40. if you stretch your quadriceps looking at ceiling
41. if you stretch your lower back on foam
42. if you do a pelvic tilt to bridge on head
43. if you stretch peroneals on foam roll
44. If you stretch piriformis on foam roll
45. if you stretch rhomboids on foam roll
46. if you stretch your hamstring with someone pushing your from behind
47. if you only rely on books, posters, videos and not first hand stretch experince
48. if your only book read is Bob Anderson Stretching Book
49. if you stretch the piriformis stretch on your knee
50. If you stretch the soleus standing against a wall
51. If you gastrocnemius stretch is against the wall
52. if your ILIOTIBIAL BAND STRETCh done on a desk
53. if your ILIOTIBIAL BAND STRETCh done hanging of a table or couch
54. if you are only sports stretching one part of your body
55. if you hold your breath when stretching

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