Knee Pain With Running

Knee Pain With Running. Total Performance Physical Therapy.

Hi I’m Doctor Heather Moore owner of Total Performance Physical Therapy. Today we’re going to talk about knee pain with running, this is probably one of the number one things that we treat here at total performance is the fact that people get knee pain when they’re running and they don’t do anything, they don’t fall so they don’t understand. One of the things I realized about the knee is that have knee pain, it’s not really coming from the knee you have all these muscles from the hip from the foot, from the ankle, from the calf it all come up and attach at the knee so the knee is like the hub of the lower extremity so a lot of times pain at the knee unless it’s a meniscus tear, you rush and you fall and got abrasive bone is coming from muscle imbalances that are coming from higher and lower. A lot of times with running especially when you experience pain when you’re running and like two or three miles and it goes away it didn’t go away, your body compensated for you, you change the way your foot hits the ground which changed the way your knee reacts which change the way your hip react so on and so forth so a lot of times when you’re running the knee pain you’re getting Is actually due to a weakness in your hip and it’s actually due to issues coming from your foot, now there are about a thousand different things that can go wrong when you’re talking about knee pain in running know what you need to look for, one of the first thing that you can do to test to see where your issue is, is just start doing a single leg squat, how far you are able to get down, ideally a runner should be able to go to the floor and come back up without assistance of the other leg, you also want to watch is your leg wobbling, if your leg is wobbling that’s indicative of some hip issues that you need to work out, if you’re not in a foam rolling program for your knee pain, you need to be, foam rolling is one of the greatest thing that is going to knock out that pain so we have other videos on our site that will show you how to go from foam rolling program with absolutely 10 minutes every day, half is you’re doing any program from foam rolling. One of the other things you need to watch when you’re talking about knee pain is foot strength, now we know a lot of people understand what foot strength is and maybe you don’t, if you are a heel striker meaning you, when you’re running and you’re doing a foot strike in you heel heads first you are setting yourself up for severe long term knee pain and you’re actually putting the brakes on every time you hit the ground, if you are a head foot striker that’s ideal so that means you’re hitting somewhere in the middle of your foot when you hit the ground and then you can run on your toes. The biggest problem people have is being a heel striker leading to knee pain because of the hamstring weakness so on and so forth, one of the worst things you can do is get a shoe that forces you to run on your toes if you are not even foot striker or you’re not a toe runner stay out of the shoes that cause you to go up on your knees so some of the things that we need 3 exercises that can help you with your knee pain all the way are, are a hamstring stretch pre form stretch and the gastroc stretch, ideally you’re doing these three things on the foam roller or if you don’t have one yet you’re looking to start something right away these are the best exercises you can do pre form stretch let’s say you’re right out before run. All you got to do is bring your leg up to your chest just like this you’re going to feel a stretch to the glutes, to the hamstring all the way down to the leg okay, if you’re really good and you don’t feel a stretch you can actually pull this here and lean forward to get more stretch or you place this foot on a table and lean forward, for a hamstring stretch, you’re going to put your foot up in front you can put up in a range surface, one of the biggest problems people have with a hamstring stretch is they do this okay all you’re doing is stretching your lower back and creating your disk but what you want to do is sit up nice and straight bend at the waist and go down towards until you feel a nice stretch in through the hamstring, shouldn’t feel pain, shouldn’t feel numbness and tingling so make sure that you are not feeling any of those things like stretching too much for there’s a greater issue going on, finally it’s the gastroc stretch or calf stretch whatever you want to call it so you’re going to put one foot behind one foot front and you’re just going to lean forward and you can also do this by putting your toes on a curb and dropping down real quick, 30 second hold 6 times for each of those stretches

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