Leg Stretching, injury prevention and Fascia Massage Technique 1 of 3

In this video I will demonstrate proper application related to your #AtlasRoller applied to calves, foot, T-Band and quadriceps. I describe how to concentrate the foam roller on the bottom or arch of your foot. It can help aid plantar fasciitis pain and T-band strains. This application and technique is more effective and efficient than using a traditional foam roller. Also, look for video 2 and 3 coming soon. www.marklove769.tumblr.com and www.facebook.com/atlas.roller, find me on twitter @MarkHarman1769 and @Atlas_Roller good for #crossfit, #yoga, #pilates, #massage, #Physicaltherapy, #fitness, #bodybuilding, #weightwatchers,

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