Lower Back Exercises (loosen your tight hamstrings for relief)

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Do you have tight hamstrings? Well do you *think* you have tight hamstrings?

Try these stretches for the hamstrings which also incorporates some back stretches. If I am going to be 100% correct I would have to say that are actually hamstring exercises?

So you’re probably thinking that since you cannot touch your toes you have tight hamstrings, leading you to stretch them on a regular basis…WRONG! 😉

I have news for you

You Do Not Have Tight Hamstrings Lower Back Exercises

Let me clarify, you DO NOT have tight hamstrings, you actually have tight hips. Your hamstrings are already over stretched because of all the sitting we do, really the problem lies in your booty. Yes you gotta tight booty…ohh well that sounds kind of nice..this isn’t the type of tightness we want. Your muscles surrounding all your hips are super tight (not just the butt), limiting its proper movement.

FYI- STOP stretching your hamstrings!! PLEASE! You are not doing yourself any good, you are actually encouraging bad posture, possibly leading to pain.

Lower Back Exercises

So when you bend over your hips rotate forward (or they’re supposed to) which allows the lower back (bottom portion of your vertebrae) to move around more freely, allowing you to touch your toes.

Now, think about it, if all of your hip muscles are tight, enabling your hips to move, the low back cannot move, hints to why you cannot touch your toes.

Don’t be alarmed, this isn’t a huge problem, and it’s an easy fix with these three super quick exercises.

Okay…I was just trying to describe how to do these exercises, but it’s almost impossible to write out, HA! Just check out the video, it has great demonstrations on how to do them 😉 .

Ideally do 10-15 repetitions of each exercise, and you can do these as much as 1x a day if you really want to start getting proper mobility back into your hips. It’s totally your call, but I would suggest doing it at least 2x a week.

I think adding these to the end of your current exercise routine would be a great place to do them. INSTEAD of stretching the hamstrings 😉 . Be sure to still stretch of course, actually I am feeling preeety super today, so I’m giving you the killer stretch routine I created for all of my clients (I KNOW you’re jumping for joy right now).

It’s a good one, check it out! Lower Back Exercises

If you have any pains or problems when working out, comment below and lets get things working better for ya, so you can get the biggest bang for your buck!

Being a massage therapist and working at an amazing chiropractor clinic I am learning TONS about the body and I absolutely LOVE talking about this stuff. So don’t hesitate, ask away, I’m here to help!


P.S. You know some tight hamstring buddies…oh I am SURE you have lots of them 😉 be a doll and share this post, would ya? Sanks!

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