Lower Back Stretches | Bikini Competitor?

Cat and Camel – Begin at a table top position with your back flat and hands directly under your shoulders
-Arch your spine slowly as you exhale
-Arch the spine upward by rounding the shoulders as you inhale
Repeat 5-10 times

Spinal Rotation- Lie on your back and extend you arms
-Keep your shoulders and arms flat on the floor
-hold for 15 sec. each side

Knee Crossover- Keep the shoulders on the floor and lower your leg across your body towards the floor
-Hold 15 sec each side

Double/Single knee to chest – Lie flat on the floor
-Bring your hands under one or both legs
-Slowly bring knee(s) towards the chest

Upper back Foam Roll- lie on your back with the foam roller under your upper back, feet flat on the floor
-Roll up and down 15/30 sec

Back extension/release- lie on the ball with you back stretched out or stomach stretched out. hold 30 seconds

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