Marines – Combat HITT Workout (4)

Stationary Squat x 10
Trunk Circles x 10
Trunk Twists x 10
Single Leg Balance 20 Yds
Spiderman 20 Yds
Bear Crawl 20 Yds
Jump Thrust x 10
Frog Thrust x 10
Frog Thrust w/ Jump x 10
Back Peddle Reach 20 Yds
Butt-Kicks 20 Yds
Straight Leg Shuffle – 50% 20 Yds
Butt-Kickers 2 x 20 Yds 30sec rest
Ankling w/ Butt Kick 2 x 20 Yds 30sec rest
Sprints 2 x 40 Yds 30sec rest
NOTES: Speed drills can be performed as a circuit or stand-alone exercises.
Circuit-2 rounds 25sec on 25sec off
Romanian Deadlift (Barbell)
Box Depth Jump to Sprint
Med Ball Underhand Throw
TRX Split Squat 2 rounds
TRX Bicep Curl 2 rounds
Hanging Oblique Knee Raises
TRX Mountain Climber
2 sets hold 30sec each
Hamstring Stretch
Quadricep Stretch
Triceps Stretch
Cross Body Stretch
Sumo Stretch
Glute Stretch

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