Mid Back Yoga Stretches & Exercises! Mobility Series – Wellki

Hey guys, in today’s video I will be demonstrating ways that you can work on your mid back. That area where you can never reach with your hands. Whether you feel soreness after a back workout or slept on it wrong, this video will help the soreness. I will show all the exercises to stretch out you mid back muscles to increase mobility.

Always contact your physician or doctor before performing any exercises.

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Let’s get started!

Workout breakdown:

0:28 Cervical Spine Rotation

1:06 Cervical Spine Flexion

1:48 Scapular Protraction & Retraction

2:41 Standing Mid-Back Reach

3:26 Cross-Armed Scapular Raises

4:22 Forward Fold

5:03 Kneeling Cat Back Stretch

5:45 Child’s Pose

That’s it!

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